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My Sister & Me is Open!

My Sister & Me, Lake Geneva, WI

This week I took two days off of work to help my mom in her and my aunt’s store My Sister & Me in Lake Geneva, WI. Seems funny to take vacation days to go work, but it never feels like work. My primary responsibilities are to keep my mom company and research some of the store’s antique and vintage inventory.

My Sister & Me Christmas TreeLast month, My Sister & Me celebrated their one year anniversary and I couldn’t be more proud. The store looks amazing and it’s filled with such a wide variety of things that I would be surprised if anyone could walk through that door without finding something that attracts their interest.

Frankly it’s tough to even walk across their wrap-around porch without this turn of the century doctor’s buggy drawing customers in for a photo-op.

One of my favorite parts of the store is the sweeping staircase especially now that they’ve decorated for Christmas! Isn’t this little tree adorable? It instantly made me feel festive.Old Keys, Pocketwatches and Ink Wells

They’re open year-round but since winter is Lake Geneva’s slow season, they have also been listing items on Etsy at


Lucy’s First Cow

Yesterday I spent Father’s Day with my family at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house inWisconsin. The plan was to sit on the boat for a bit, but because of my brother’s unpredictable work schedule we didn’t get there until about 4:00pm and by then a storm was rolling in.

We did have enough time to wade in the swimming area next to the boat launch and take Lucy and Maki to a park where my brother tracked down a GeoCache. (GeoCaching is a fun treasure hunting game, for more info click here While he was trudging through the woods avoiding poison ivy and ticks my dad and I walked the two dogs down to where a herd of cows were casually grazing.


After a few moments of watching the cows, Maki and Lucy finally noticed them and of course were terrified having never seen cows before. They then started barking wildly at the cows because of both little dogs think they’re HUGE. Then, curious about the barking all the cows in the field stampeded towards us! Well…stampeded, briskly moseyed, whatever.