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A Turtle’s Greatest Accomplishment

Today while filling out an online application for a job I came across an interesting request. In addition to the typical name, resume and cover letter sections the application also asked me to write up a quick little story. The writing prompt told me to write in 300 words or less about a turtle’s greatest accomplishment from the perspective of the turtle. This seemed a little silly but since I enjoy whimsy I indulged it. The following is what I wrote:

One day I was walking through the tall grasses near my pond when I noticed some small rocks. As I continued to investigate I suddenly came upon a smooth black asphalt road. As I turned away from the road something caught my eye. Slinking down the middle of the street was the biggest, fattest worm I had ever seen in my life. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and my stomach was growling, pulling me towards the juicy worm.  I knew it would be dangerous but it had been awhile since my family and I had such a delicious meal so I took my first step onto the road. I listened carefully for any cars and looked both ways to be sure I would be safe and then I took another step and then another until I had reached the giant worm. I grabbed the worm carefully but firmly in my mouth and turned back across the road. Then, like my slow and steady ancestors before me I won the prize and was back in the safety of the grass. I was very proud of myself to be able to procure a tasty meal that my family needed and do it safely.