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Girls and Power Tools

My cousin Emily wanted to do a fun garden project that she found on Pinterest that links to the blog Home Stories A to Z. Here’s the finished product:

Temp Image

Looks cute huh?! I came over to help and we realized that the rebar that is the backbone of the project was too long and the ground was too hard to push it down any deeper.

After texting her boyfriend who was at work, we found out that he has a tool we could use to cut the rebar in their closet and encouraged us that we could easily cut the bar ourselves. My first thought was, “We’re gonna need a lot of band-aids…”

Temp Image

After some instruction and finally figuring out how to keep the saw blade in the slot (which kept flying out) we gradually sawed our way through the rebar.

I think Emily’s final product is just as good as the one on Pinterest! Course now she has to work on getting the bottom of the top pot calked so she can use it as a bird bath…