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Harmony Ball

One of my aunts and I have very similar taste in jewelry. We both like unique pieces and always appreciate one-of-a-kind items over any other. Recently at an antique store, my aunt came across a harmony ball on a long silver chain. Unfortunately the actual harmony ball inside the silver cage was missing but being resourceful, she decided she would find one elsewhere. In place of the harmony ball for the time being she decided to use a blue iridescent marble.

The moment I saw it, I was in love. To me, the marble inside looked like magic wiggling inside the intricate cage and the design of the cage was beautifully intricate. Of course, even though I begged she wouldn’t let me have it so the very next day I hopped on to see if I could find something similar. Before long, I found exactly what I was looking for and ordered it up instantly. The harmony ball arrived quickly and was exactly as I expected but when I wore it to work the light bell noise it made seemed really loud in my quiet office setting.

On Wednesday, when my aunt showed me her harmony ball cage, I noticed she’d replaced the marble with an actual harmony ball and then handed me the marble. Now mine looks just like the magic I enjoyed when I first saw hers, all I need now is a long silver chain to put it on.

If you’re interested in where I bought this harmony ball, please go to Duliadesign at A few of my other favorite shops for jewelry are The Many Things…BirdzNbeez and Glazed Black Cherry