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2011 Heritage Fest

This past weekend was the West Dundee, IL Heritage Fest and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! As always on Saturday, there was the car show, antique fair and craft fair. I love craft fairs because I love unique jewelry and this year I was on the prowl for more SteamPunk accessories for my Halloween costume.

While I did find a new SteamPunkish necklace at a booth owned by Scissor Sisters which I LOVE, it likely won’t be used for my costume since I have a more obviously SteamPunk necklace from a different craft fair.

After the craft fair and some music, my family and I wandered over to this boutique called Romantica in downtown West Dundee. (We had stopped at their booth and instead of really shopping ended up taking a lot of pictures of this beautiful dragonfly which we later learned is an endangered species!) Generally, the things in this store are a little out of my budget, I did find a cute skirt on clearance that will be perfect for my costume! And BONUS it’s not too out of my style and comfort zone so I wore it to work today! The above picture is a glimpse of what it looks like.

After Romantica, we went to Around the Corner Candy and I added another item (which my mommy bought me) to my rapidly growing Hello Kitty collection!