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Crochet Catnip Cupcakes

A good friend of mine moved into her first apartment and decided to decorate each room with a theme.

She didn’t go overboard like they do on those home makeover TV shows but all of the rooms have accents that highlight the theme.

Finished Crochet Cupcake

In her kitchen the theme is cupcakes. Since it’s an apartment she didn’t want to do a lot of painting so the color of the kitchen is a generic white and the accents like cupcake cookie jars and hand towels make up a bulk of the theme for now.

While helping her shop for different ways to improve her kitchen appearance I’ve also become obsessed with cupcakes. In addition to trying all of the local cupcake bakeries and food trucks in the area we’ve even made gourmet style rum cupcakes from scratch which were delicious, although due to some frosting complications weren’t very pretty.

Cupcake Baking

Then we both came across a crochet pattern for cupcakes! Not only are they adorable but the pattern is FREE and can be found on Ravelry at Quick Cupcake.

Since I was making her a blanket anyway, I took a quick break from it and using some of her yarn I worked one up for her. While I was working on it, her cat S’mores became excited about the yarn twisting between my fingers and I realized how fun it would be to stuff the cupcake with catnip and make it a cat toy! He really enjoyed it!

S'mores playing with his cupcake

I plan on making a few more like it to match the blanket but I also want to make a few with some bead sprinkles or buttons. The pattern is super easy to follow and it doesn’t take long to finish, I really recommend it.


Crocheting with Grandma Christine

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were going through a closet that is essentially contained hoarding. There’s a lot of junk and garbage plus, a few things that we may use again, but likely not. Then we came across a vintage plastic bag with a nearly completed crochet blanket inside that had been started by my Grandma Christine.

I was more or less a year old when my paternal grandma died. All I really know of her I’ve learned from pictures and stories. I also know that we share many features. In high school I remember my Grandpa saying how much I looked like her and how that made him miss her even more.

Since I have no memories of her of my own, finding this blanket was a gift. Looking at the blanket, the pattern was too complex to figure out without instructions. Luckily when I unfolded it, I saw that all it really needed was a border and some finishing touches. The bag also contained all the matching yarn I needed to complete the blanket.

It didn’t take long to single crochet a couple of simple rows all the way around for the border and I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work on a project with my Grandma Christine so long after she was gone. I was also incredibly happy to have helped finish such a lovely blanket to give to my dad from his mom.

OMG Pens!

Crochet patterns and me rarely get along. I believe I can say that my Granny Stripe Blanket is my own pattern and now I think my latest project (pictures and details when I’m further along) is too because after the first row on both projects, I’ve TOTALLY made up the entire thing as I go along.

I did however just finish a small scarf for one of my guy friends following the pattern exactly so at least I’m not totally hopeless. He wanted a bright orange one to match his orange work vest. Luckily it’s October and Halloween colors are available!

In other news, I’m nearly giddy from the excitement FREE pens I got today! They’re Breast Cancer Awareness themed and since I love the color pink, pens and supporting a great cause they’re the BEST pens I own right now.

First Baby Blanket

I wanted to make a baby blanket because its small size would be easier to carry around while working on it. The problem was that I didn’t have a baby to give it to and I wasn’t sure what I would do with something that small in size. Then it struck me, I DID have a baby in my family! My cousin Audrey (who I haven’t seen since she was physically unable to have a baby) recently gave birth to her son Wyatt. As if it was meant to be, I happened to have two shades of blue stash yarn and immediately went to work.

The first pattern I tried was great. The instructions were easy to follow and it was starting to work up nicely but VERY slowly. Here it is when I started:

It was a single crochet stitch and was taking forever, plus the instructions only wanted me to crochet in the back of the stitch so the blanket was taking on a texture that was less than soft. At the same time I was making similar blanket with different instructions which was faster and much easier. I had to slightly modify the pattern but I think it turned out quite lovely! I can’t wait to send it to Audrey!