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Everything is coming up Amy

It’s finally happened! After a year and four months of looking I finally have a job! As I see it now this job couldn’t be more perfect. Every day I’m busy and I have already gotten to see some of my work out there for the customers to see. My co-workers all seem great and every one is very friendly. All I want to do is work very hard for my team and I don’t mind staying late. It probably helps that my new job is so close to home!
Unfortunately, all this working has taken me away from my crochet projects. This wouldn’t be so bad but I’ve completely forgotten how to do one of the patterns and am going to have to look up a bunch of stuff before going back to it… I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to work on projects at lunch like my last job. Right now I pass the time playing on my phone or reading a book. Most people eat out or at their desks. I need the time away from my desk in the middle of the day and I need to save as much money as possible so eating mostly alone in the break room will have to work for now.
Recently I got a great deal on a Kindle Fire which is what I’m currently using to compose this post. It’s fun and kind of weird. I really like how I don’t have to pick up my finger to type a word and its cool how accurate it is at trying to guess what I’m trying to type even when my swipes aren’t that precise.
I know this post is super random but I wanted to post an update of what’s been going on. Soon things will even out and I’ll have more time to stop and smell the roses.


Whoops, lost my job!

My whole world has changed since I last posted. While I was busy doing my job and trying to write a post on the wild world of condo hunting, I suddenly lost my job.

It all happened in slow motion. One minute I was walking to a last-minute one-on-one meeting with my boss and the next minute I’m walking into a room with my boss and an HR girl.

Luckily there was nothing I did wrong. My company reorganized and I apparently pulled the short straw. No hard feelings.

ANYway, right now I’m closing in on two weeks without a job and I’ve moved back in with my parents. It’s kind of tragic how everything was going well and I was preparing to become a real adult, with a real mortgage and now I’m back to zero.

I’m feeling fortunate though because I have a place to live (for free *smiles*) and I have the opportunity to start a fun new job! I don’t know what that job is quite yet but I know that it’ll be great and maybe I’ll make more money which would make hunting for a condo a far better experience.

Now that I’m finally unpacked and unemployed I’ll hopefully make more time to write! I think that creative writing as a full-time job was killing my creativity outside of work so this little break might be exactly what I need to start writing again for myself.