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A lot has been going on recently! I’ve been condo shopping too which I’d like to blog about soon. Until then, here’s my Valentine’s Day gift to myself!

Holy crap I’m 30!

There’s a seemingly scary number—30. But the good news is now I can legitimately use these movie quotes from When Harry Met Sally:

Sally (sobbing): AND, I’m gonna be forty!
Harry: When?
Sally: Someday!

So that’s exciting right?

Anyway, when I was a kid my birthday parties just included family and that was perfectly fine with me. There was one year I asked my mom if I could have a party with just friends but after some thought I couldn’t decide who I wanted to invite and I was overwhelmed with the task of having to entertain all those people so I gave the whole thing up. I’m not a big fan of having all the attention solely on me but I decided my 30th would be an exception.

Since college (likely after seeing it on Sex in the City) for my 30th birthday I wanted to have drag queens sing me happy birthday. In that moment, my cousin Jamie promised she would make it happen. Although I didn’t specifically get a group of drag queens to sing directly to me I DID have an amazing drag queen event!

Thank you to the Kit Kat Lounge, Kathryn Cole and all my friends that attended! It was the best birthday ever!


It seems to me that everything that comes out of Japan is somehow cuter. Even when it’s kind of weird it’s weird in a cute way.

Take this 3D puzzle my brother gave me. In addition to being more difficult than a regular puzzle, ALL of the instructions are in Japanese so I have to figure it out Ikea assembly style (just pictures, no words). I made a couple of mistakes along the way, but in the end it didn’t take all that long to put together.

How does this relate to my first sentence? Look at it! It’s supposed to be a lion and in my mind the designer of this puzzle was successful. It has a mane of sorts and it’s roaring which is really neat but it’s also odd, robotic looking and somehow still CUTE!

All Saints’ Day

Today is All Saints’ Day which means that Halloween is over. I know little about this particular holiday other than it’s a day to celebrate the Catholic Saints. Is there a Saint of Halloween Candy Hangover? That’s the one I’d be celebrating today!

At the last minute I changed my mind about my costume and decided that I wouldn’t be a Dust Bunny. A few years ago I had my mind set on being something-or-other, gave up and purchased a cheap costume. I never wore that however, because I ended up finding something I liked even better. This year as I was digging through old costumes, I found the unused costume and decided to wear it. I never would have thought, but I actually liked it WAY better than the Dust Bunny one.

Every year we add a new decoration to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. This

year they put a mannequin in a vintage werewolf costume and propped him up on a stool. He has made all of us jump a little at one point or another over the past two weeks.

And of course, what Halloween would be complete without a traditional frightened black cat complete with “orb.”

Desk Decorations

For some reason, it just now struck me as odd that I purposely have rotting food sitting on my desk and am calling it a decoration…

UPDATE: I also decorated a pumpkin for an office contest…

Giraffe Hugs

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. For a while I thought it was in the top 3 but when I got super-giddy about this great Martha Stewart pumpkin carving project I found online (hopefully pictures to come!) it pretty much cemented itself as my favorite holiday.

Every year my family also goes to Goebbert’s Farm to pick out pumpkins. The Goebbert’s Farm in Barrington, IL has lots of family-fun activities, but our favorite is always the petting zoo. This year they had two giraffes when they usually only have one. Knowing little about giraffe behavior we had a hard time trying to determine if they two were leaning against each other for warmth, companionship or if they were trying to establish dominance. I personally am going to go with hugging because it’s WAY cuter.

This year I chose not to bring my camera but I couldn’t help but take a couple of pictures with my phone of some of my favorite petting zoo animals. I also wanted a picture taken of me

and my new donkey friend. Upon approaching his pen, I simply held out my arms and said, “Donkey!” like he was a long-lost friend. As if he missed me, Donkey wandered right up to me and let me pet him for a long while considering I’d offered him no food.

After choosing my pumpkin I also picked up a couple of little bags of candy corn which I’ll probably never finish. Should have stuck with just the one, they’re SO sweet!

This weekend is pumpkin carving. I’m a little nervous about my Goebbert’s pumpkin because while in line to buy it, I noticed a soft spot that I hope won’t rot out before Halloween…luckily I have that Martha Stewart project just in case!

OMG Pens!

Crochet patterns and me rarely get along. I believe I can say that my Granny Stripe Blanket is my own pattern and now I think my latest project (pictures and details when I’m further along) is too because after the first row on both projects, I’ve TOTALLY made up the entire thing as I go along.

I did however just finish a small scarf for one of my guy friends following the pattern exactly so at least I’m not totally hopeless. He wanted a bright orange one to match his orange work vest. Luckily it’s October and Halloween colors are available!

In other news, I’m nearly giddy from the excitement FREE pens I got today! They’re Breast Cancer Awareness themed and since I love the color pink, pens and supporting a great cause they’re the BEST pens I own right now.

Marshall, Michigan

Dachshundpalooza was held in the small town of Marshall, Michigan. Once a candidate for state capital, even in Michigan’s rough economy the town is flourishing. Almost every store front is occupied and most of the ones that aren’t occupied have signs that say, “coming soon.”

Marshall became a town close to my family’s heart when my cousin Patrick married Britney who grew up there. Now they have a home of their own within walking distance of the downtown area with their dachshunds Borrachita and Grover.

My brother and I arrived on Friday evening and after a tour of the house and our things were put in the guest room we went to dinner. Copper Bar is a typical small restaurant/bar where when we ordered drinks my cousin’s ordered “the usual” and I ended up ordering the Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. I am FAR from a connoisseur of beer having only started to drink beer willingly in the last couple of years but this stuff was GOOD. The hint of raspberry was lovely and the ball jar it was served in made it that much more fun.

Saturday morning after an amazing breakfast prepared by Patrick (I had NO IDEA he could cook let alone SO good) we got ready to go into town for some shopping! Downtown Marshall is VERY close to their house and packed with cute gift shops, antique stores and a variety of other businesses. I saw many things I wanted to buy, but being “cheap” I focused on trying to find a small watering can for the small potted plants on my desk at work. I found a few with Britney’s help but it wasn’t unit she mentioned I could use a small teapot that I discovered the one I took home. It’s a single serve Graniteware teapot which apparently is collectible and has very few cosmetic defects.

Sunday after a quick breakfast, the four of us each with our own dog went for a walk. Aaron wanted to hit up a few geocaches including one at the little library in town so we walked around the neighborhood waiting for the library to open. Afterwards we went to lunch at Schuler’s which is SO famous in the area that there are signs for it even in Indiana!

When lunch was over (including a very fun hot fudge sundae to share!), I wanted to go back to my favorite shop The Mole Hole. Ever since I saw them on Saturday, I couldn’t stop thinking about this hand-made ceramic mug and necklace charm. This Handwarmer Mug is really neat. Instead of a traditional handle, the mug has a pocket of sorts that you slip your hand into. It was so pretty and unique that I had to have it! The charm was an impulse buy and the other side says, “Just Be.” I think everyone should keep those things in mind. Similar charms can also be found at the designer’s website.

2011 Heritage Fest

This past weekend was the West Dundee, IL Heritage Fest and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! As always on Saturday, there was the car show, antique fair and craft fair. I love craft fairs because I love unique jewelry and this year I was on the prowl for more SteamPunk accessories for my Halloween costume.

While I did find a new SteamPunkish necklace at a booth owned by Scissor Sisters which I LOVE, it likely won’t be used for my costume since I have a more obviously SteamPunk necklace from a different craft fair.

After the craft fair and some music, my family and I wandered over to this boutique called Romantica in downtown West Dundee. (We had stopped at their booth and instead of really shopping ended up taking a lot of pictures of this beautiful dragonfly which we later learned is an endangered species!) Generally, the things in this store are a little out of my budget, I did find a cute skirt on clearance that will be perfect for my costume! And BONUS it’s not too out of my style and comfort zone so I wore it to work today! The above picture is a glimpse of what it looks like.

After Romantica, we went to Around the Corner Candy and I added another item (which my mommy bought me) to my rapidly growing Hello Kitty collection!