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Origami Star Wars

A couple of years ago I folded an origami Millennium Falcon from a diagram a friend sent me. It was really easy and looked a lot like the real thing!

Then I found this link today to an ad for Moleskine® notebooks. Now I kind of want to find a diagram for X-Wing fighters!

 Moleskine Star Wars


Origami Master

Ever since I built an origami flower without directions using only a picture I found online, I’ve dubbed myself “origami master.” Of course I was proud of this accomplishment in origami but nothing made me more overconfident then when my brother (who is very much into origami too) couldn’t figure out a model he was working on. I decided to try and help so I sat down in front of the instructions and in moments I easily managed the model.

Something can definitely be learned from this experience. With origami you have to follow all the instructions exactly and have patients. Jumping ahead because you think you know what fold to make next, inevitably will lead you down the wrong path.

I recently found this rose and folded working off the high of my origami superiority. I recommend not using sticky notes for this one, although that’s exactly what I used to build it. There’s some sliding the paper needs to do and the sticky won’t necessarily allow for it. Also, the pattern can be found at Origami Fun


Origami Flowers

I was browsing the other day when I discovered this shop selling bouquets of origami flowers. They were beautiful and well done, but instead of buying some I decided that being somewhat proficient in origami that I could easily find instructions for the same flowers and build a bouquet myself.

Of course, finding the instructions was impossible. I found pictures of several that were similar, but the instructions were either too difficult or non-existent. So I took up the task of inventing instructions myself. After staring at the pictures from the Etsy shop for awhile and a stroke of genius I realized that the flower could probably be made by working the first few steps of the crane and modifying it from there.

When I finally perfected my model, I built several for a Valentine’s Day exchange in my office. I think they turned out lovely. I used floral wire for the stem and a fancy paperclip for the leaf.








I’ve never written an origami diagram before in my life but since I made up this flower based on a picture I wanted to write up a diagram so I wouldn’t forget. I hope it helps! Create a bird base and from there start with number 1 in my written diagram below: