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BIG weekend visiting family in Michigan with my brother! So many things happened, here is part one:

The main purpose for this trip was to introduce my brother’s dachshund Maki with our cousin’s dachshunds Borrachita and Grover. Of course, I couldn’t leave Lucy behind so she was invited too!

This is Borrachita! She’s very sweet, friendly and loves snuggling under blankets and playing with her brother.

Here is Grover! He’s very affectionate with EVERYONE and it was difficult to get much distance between him and my face (which of course I loved).

Generally Lucy doesn’t do very well with new dogs and Patrick and Britney mentioned how Borrachita is a bit shy as well. When we first introduced the dogs we were all outside which I think leveled the playing field a bit because they amazingly all became quick friends. I couldn’t even believe in such little time that Lucy would be playing tug-of-war with Grover!

By the end of the weekend Lucy and Maki were exhausted! I have never seen Lucy so sleepy in her whole life!


An Adorable picture of Lucy?

Did you say you wanted an adorable picture of Lucy? Yes? Okay!

Lucy’s First Cow

Yesterday I spent Father’s Day with my family at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house inWisconsin. The plan was to sit on the boat for a bit, but because of my brother’s unpredictable work schedule we didn’t get there until about 4:00pm and by then a storm was rolling in.

We did have enough time to wade in the swimming area next to the boat launch and take Lucy and Maki to a park where my brother tracked down a GeoCache. (GeoCaching is a fun treasure hunting game, for more info click here While he was trudging through the woods avoiding poison ivy and ticks my dad and I walked the two dogs down to where a herd of cows were casually grazing.


After a few moments of watching the cows, Maki and Lucy finally noticed them and of course were terrified having never seen cows before. They then started barking wildly at the cows because of both little dogs think they’re HUGE. Then, curious about the barking all the cows in the field stampeded towards us! Well…stampeded, briskly moseyed, whatever.

My niece Maki

A week before Christmas 2010, my brother found exactly what he was looking for: a 1-year-old miniature longhair dachshund. She was a rescue from a puppy mill and showed signs of neglect and a litter of puppies. She was adorable so he had to have her.

When we picked her up, the whole thing felt a little like a drug deal. In a dark parking lot we traded the little dog for a small adoption fee and went our separate ways. Not even 5 months later, she’s already pretty well adjusted and very loving.

Lucy on the other hand wants pretty much nothing to do with her. At home, Lucy spends her days trying to bait my roommate’s dog Abby into play by jumping around her, barking and nibbling gently at her ears and muzzle while Abby does nothing or runs away. With Maki the roles are entirely reversed. I have faith that eventually the two of them will become the best of friends!

Doggie Booster Seats

Lucy used to love going on car rides. She liked going anywhere with me (even the vet!) but that recently changed. Now she’s very nervous, panting heavily, shaking slightly and whining from time to time.

While driving to my parent’s house for Mother’s Day yesterday, I thought about how I could make car rides for her a little better. Being a Papillion, she’s too short to enjoy hanging her head out of the window when she’s sitting in the seat by herself, but I’ve noticed that if she’s sitting on someone’s lap she’s far happier about the entire car riding experience.

I’m fairly convinced that if Lucy had a booster seat so she could see out and sniff the air as it blows past, car rides and the inevitable bumps and quick movements would be less stressful to her. This morning, just for giggles I Googled the phrase, “dog car booster seats.” I got a TON of results! (who knew!?) I also stumbled across a great article on dog booster seats here. I know Lucy would probably love a booster seat like the one in the article!

These booster seats look great and I found a style I’m really excited about, but they’re unfortunately a little out of my price range. I was hoping they’d be in the ballpark of $30, but most are $60 and higher. Maybe Lucy’s Grandma will help us out…