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My Sister & Me is Open!

My Sister & Me, Lake Geneva, WI

This week I took two days off of work to help my mom in her and my aunt’s store My Sister & Me in Lake Geneva, WI. Seems funny to take vacation days to go work, but it never feels like work. My primary responsibilities are to keep my mom company and research some of the store’s antique and vintage inventory.

My Sister & Me Christmas TreeLast month, My Sister & Me celebrated their one year anniversary and I couldn’t be more proud. The store looks amazing and it’s filled with such a wide variety of things that I would be surprised if anyone could walk through that door without finding something that attracts their interest.

Frankly it’s tough to even walk across their wrap-around porch without this turn of the century doctor’s buggy drawing customers in for a photo-op.

One of my favorite parts of the store is the sweeping staircase especially now that they’ve decorated for Christmas! Isn’t this little tree adorable? It instantly made me feel festive.Old Keys, Pocketwatches and Ink Wells

They’re open year-round but since winter is Lake Geneva’s slow season, they have also been listing items on Etsy at


A Turtle’s Greatest Accomplishment

Today while filling out an online application for a job I came across an interesting request. In addition to the typical name, resume and cover letter sections the application also asked me to write up a quick little story. The writing prompt told me to write in 300 words or less about a turtle’s greatest accomplishment from the perspective of the turtle. This seemed a little silly but since I enjoy whimsy I indulged it. The following is what I wrote:

One day I was walking through the tall grasses near my pond when I noticed some small rocks. As I continued to investigate I suddenly came upon a smooth black asphalt road. As I turned away from the road something caught my eye. Slinking down the middle of the street was the biggest, fattest worm I had ever seen in my life. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and my stomach was growling, pulling me towards the juicy worm.  I knew it would be dangerous but it had been awhile since my family and I had such a delicious meal so I took my first step onto the road. I listened carefully for any cars and looked both ways to be sure I would be safe and then I took another step and then another until I had reached the giant worm. I grabbed the worm carefully but firmly in my mouth and turned back across the road. Then, like my slow and steady ancestors before me I won the prize and was back in the safety of the grass. I was very proud of myself to be able to procure a tasty meal that my family needed and do it safely.

My Sister & Me in Lake Geneva


For as long as I can remember my mom has been daydreaming about opening her own store. Although the type of store has varied over the years the goal has always been the same.

Now that dream is on the verge of coming true in the form of a vintage goods and gifts store called My Sister & Me!

My Sister & Me will live in a turn-of-the-century home in what is called the Maple Park Historical District in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Currently the home is in the final stages of restoration and will resemble what it probably looked like when it was built.

Temp Image

I’ve always admired Lake Geneva and even in this financial climate the town’s small businesses have done well enough to remain open. Plus, with the variety of events and activities that Lake Geneva holds year round there is always a considerable amount of people shopping; even in the winter.

On Father’s Day I wandered around the lake a bit while my dad was helping work on the house. There is a really wonderful path that wraps around the entire lake and actually cuts through some of the million dollar properties. All they ask is that you are courteous to the homeowners and keep on the path.

Temp Image

Hey Politicians

Hey politicians (specifically the ones that never held the office they’re running for before). I don’t care what you’re GOING to do if you get elected. Sure that’s lovely and I do want that message to be somewhere in your speeches but you should keep it brief and at the end. Instead how about you tell us all about what you’ve done to earn the position you’re running for.

In my experience, when someone around me wants a promotion they have to do the job to get the job. They have to prove that they’re capable of doing the tasks required. Usually that comes from either taking on parts of the new job under supervision or it comes from work experience similar to the new job.

In most cases, the person running for the President of the United States (POTUS) has never done the job before. Job experience as POTUS has to be learned on the job and we should decide who our POTUS is going to be based on similar job work experience.

If a candidate says, “I’m going to balance the budget” shouldn’t they be able to show us all of the instances in which they’ve helped balance a government budget? Please stop saying because the person currently holding the position hasn’t balanced the budget that you can do better by doing something completely different. Maybe they’re on the right path and they just need more time. Maybe there are limitations and obstacles in their way that you’ll never learn about until you have the job.

I watched a program called The President’s Book of Secrets. I’m a little skeptical of the whole program and it’s probably a bunch of crap, speculation and fantasy but it made me consider one very likely idea. To keep our country and every individual in it safe there is a great deal of information that is kept from nearly everyone. In the first few days in office the POTUS is briefed on the things only a few privileged know. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if at the end the new POTUS realizes that at least one of his campaign promises would never happen during his term. I can’t help but think it’s possible that broken promises former Presidents made were entirely out of their control. It’s not that they’re terrible leaders; they just weren’t given all of facts first.

Candidates should stop listing things they promise to achieve just to get elected. To me they sound like a high school candidate for president of student council promising to bring celebrities to the school, make lunch period longer and ban homework on Fridays! These things are never going to happen but they sound like fun so kids vote for them anyway. What’s scary is that they never grow out of voting in this way.

As politicians, you know that people get voted into office because they’re the popular choice. You know that eloquent speeches and exciting promises attract voters but nobody would hire me if I walked into an interview and told them how they’ve screwed up their company and how I could make it better if I put a free coffee machine in the break room. So why do we “hire” presidential candidates who do just that? All I’m asking is that you downplay promises you may not be able to keep and focus on all the reasons why you’re qualified for the job. That’s what people really need to know.

Thank you for sticking through my rant until the end. Your reward, this picture of a puppy:

Interview One

Tomorrow I have an interview at a corporate office. I consider this Interview One because the last interview I had was for the same company that RIFed me so I pretty much knew what to expect, where to go and I’d previously met the interviewers.

It’s only a 13 week position which bugs me in a couple of different ways but I’m getting to the “why not?!” point. It couldn’t hurt right? Especially since my severance is winding down. Plus there’s always the possibility of temp to hire so I figure I’ll just go.

But now for the short and sweet reason for this post; when I went to print out my revised Resume and Cover letter on nice resume paper this is what I got:

Doesn’t seem to bode well for me does it?

Office Bathrooms are Weird

People have some VERY strange bathroom habits. I’m fairly certain the following is an accurate snapshot of how an office bathroom gets so gross.

Woman enters bathroom: Gross, people should make sure their paper towels make it into the trash! But it’s too gross to pick up myself, it touched the dirty door handle!

Woman enters stall one: EW! There’s PEE on the seat!

Woman leaves stall one, enters stall two: Gross, if there was pee on the seat in stall one, stall two likely had pee on it at some point so I’m going to hover over the seat

Woman leaves drips on seat from hovering: EW! I don’t want to wipe PEE off the seat with my hands!

Woman leaves stall, adjusts hair, makeup THEN washes hands. Uses paper towel to open bathroom door, drops paper towel on the floor next to the garbage.


A lot has been going on recently! I’ve been condo shopping too which I’d like to blog about soon. Until then, here’s my Valentine’s Day gift to myself!

Helloooooo Kitty!

Anybody remember Animaniacs and how every time the two boy kitty, puppy, bunny, whatever those things were saw a pretty girl (specifically the busty psychiatric nurse), they’d say, “Hellooooooo nurse!”? Anyway, the headline above should be read like that.

Speaking of Hello Kitty, I’ve managed to gather quite a collection of Hello Kitty things in the last couple of years and I’m not quite sure how it happened.

When I was a little girl, I had a Hello Kitty stuffed animal. (I actually still have her and should maybe dig her out.) She wore yellow overalls, her signature red bow and I had ZERO interest in playing with her. I’m not even sure why I didn’t like her, but that’s the way it’s always been with Hello Kitty until recently.

Likely it’s part of my growing fondness for everything Japanese. It’s just funny how quickly I’ve created a Hello Kitty collection! Below are just a couple of the things I could get my hands on in my cube without having to get out of my chair!

Holy crap I’m 30!

There’s a seemingly scary number—30. But the good news is now I can legitimately use these movie quotes from When Harry Met Sally:

Sally (sobbing): AND, I’m gonna be forty!
Harry: When?
Sally: Someday!

So that’s exciting right?

Anyway, when I was a kid my birthday parties just included family and that was perfectly fine with me. There was one year I asked my mom if I could have a party with just friends but after some thought I couldn’t decide who I wanted to invite and I was overwhelmed with the task of having to entertain all those people so I gave the whole thing up. I’m not a big fan of having all the attention solely on me but I decided my 30th would be an exception.

Since college (likely after seeing it on Sex in the City) for my 30th birthday I wanted to have drag queens sing me happy birthday. In that moment, my cousin Jamie promised she would make it happen. Although I didn’t specifically get a group of drag queens to sing directly to me I DID have an amazing drag queen event!

Thank you to the Kit Kat Lounge, Kathryn Cole and all my friends that attended! It was the best birthday ever!

Silly Hipster, Mustaches are for Charity Too!

Like October brings awareness to cancer that affects women, November brings awareness to cancer that affects men.

Nicknamed Movember, November raises awareness to prostate and other cancers that affect men by asking men (and unfortunate women) to grow mustaches for charity. Find all the details here.

At my office, several men are growing ’staches for charity and for those that don’t want to or can’t grow one can help raise funds by buying a mustache on a stick. Originally they sold out, sad for me since I missed getting one, but awesome for the cause! After contacting a member of the team, they made more and I got mine today.

Fake mustaches, make me giggle.