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Girls and Power Tools

My cousin Emily wanted to do a fun garden project that she found on Pinterest that links to the blog Home Stories A to Z. Here’s the finished product:

Temp Image

Looks cute huh?! I came over to help and we realized that the rebar that is the backbone of the project was too long and the ground was too hard to push it down any deeper.

After texting her boyfriend who was at work, we found out that he has a tool we could use to cut the rebar in their closet and encouraged us that we could easily cut the bar ourselves. My first thought was, “We’re gonna need a lot of band-aids…”

Temp Image

After some instruction and finally figuring out how to keep the saw blade in the slot (which kept flying out) we gradually sawed our way through the rebar.

I think Emily’s final product is just as good as the one on Pinterest! Course now she has to work on getting the bottom of the top pot calked so she can use it as a bird bath…


Red, Blue and White Sangria

I’m SUPER late on posting this, but since sangria is good anytime I thought it’s better late than never!

This year I volunteered to organize and host our family’s Independence Day party. Like most good party planners these days, I hopped on Pinterest and found the most amazing recipe for white sangria which can be found here.

The prep was fairly simple although I was a little nervous about two things: making the simple syrup and cutting up the pineapple.

Turns out that simple syrup lives up to its name! It’s very simple and quick too! Just heat up equal parts water and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved! I know, not a big breakthrough but it was pretty cool to me.

Next was dealing with the pineapple. I wanted to cut little star shapes so buying pre-cut pineapple slices would have never worked. SO I had to buy a whole one. I was a bit of an overachiever so I also decided that I would try to propagate a pineapple plant too! I’m not sure it’s working but it was really fun to try. Basically you hack off the green part and put it in water!

Then I just hacked at the outside until I got to the yummy soft parts. I had a very sharp and fairly large knife so it was easy to cut up. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the best job ever but I’m real proud of it.

Afterward I used a small star-shaped cookie cutter I found at Hobby Lobby and punched out little stars. The strawberries were next to be sliced and the prep work was done!

Also while I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up a fun jar to hold my sangria. I clearly have zero concept on how much of something will fit in a container so to compensate I quadrupled the recipe. For most parties ONE recipe is enough. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that today there is STILL a ton of sangria in my fridge. I really need to find more people who will drink more…ANYway here’s the final result! It was delicious and I highly recommend it!

T-Shirt Scarf

On my birthday I received a gift bag from the restaurant that included a t-shirt. It was SUPER cute and a beautiful color. Unfortunately, even though it came from an alcohol company it was WAY too small to fit a normal adult woman.

SO I jumped on Pinterest and started sorting through some of my boards to find a t-shirt scarf I had pinned. The directions were super-easy to follow and can be found here:  T-Shirt Necklace

When I showed my parents, both thought what I’d made was store bought! Makes me want to try and sell them online! I can’t wait to wear it for people who are a little less biased to see.