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On the move

A little over a month ago I decided it’s time for me to move out of my roommate’s house and find a place of my own. I’m 30 years old and I’ve never really lived on my own. I’ve either lived with my parents or with roommates.

I’ve decided to count February 1st as the official start of my house hunting journey because that’s the day I was officially pre-approved. What’s exciting is that I was pre-approved for as much as I thought I would be so I figure I’m already on the right path.

So far condo hunting has been exactly what I expected. Already I’ve seen some nice places sprinkled with some dumps. Only a couple of stood out and only one so far seems to be a viable option. I have lots of time so I’m not worried, but I’m feeling a little impatient because things like my job and life are getting in the way.

Most of the condos we’ve visited have been empty or vacant, but a few have had the owners present while we looked around. My favorite was a family made up of a mom and several children. I’m not sure if all the children belonged to her, but it seemed like a lot of people for a small two bedroom condo. While looking around I noticed her hairless cat. Having never seen one in person, I pointed him out. The creepy mom then explained that she feels like silk or some other super-soft to snuggle fabric. I’m not sure since I was too busy listening to the meows that I’m sure were saying, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” The place had a lot going on…

Another place we saw was inhabited by a ferret. As we looked around he quietly watched us with utmost curiosity!