Office Bathrooms are Weird

People have some VERY strange bathroom habits. I’m fairly certain the following is an accurate snapshot of how an office bathroom gets so gross.

Woman enters bathroom: Gross, people should make sure their paper towels make it into the trash! But it’s too gross to pick up myself, it touched the dirty door handle!

Woman enters stall one: EW! There’s PEE on the seat!

Woman leaves stall one, enters stall two: Gross, if there was pee on the seat in stall one, stall two likely had pee on it at some point so I’m going to hover over the seat

Woman leaves drips on seat from hovering: EW! I don’t want to wipe PEE off the seat with my hands!

Woman leaves stall, adjusts hair, makeup THEN washes hands. Uses paper towel to open bathroom door, drops paper towel on the floor next to the garbage.


Posted on April 6, 2012, in From Management and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. That’s exactly how that happens. I never hover if the toilet appears clean and dry because in that case, it’s stupid to hover. Nobody every caught scabies from a clean toilet seat that only touched your butt cheeks. When we hover, everyone loses. I don’t want to sit in your pee……

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