All Saints’ Day

Today is All Saints’ Day which means that Halloween is over. I know little about this particular holiday other than it’s a day to celebrate the Catholic Saints. Is there a Saint of Halloween Candy Hangover? That’s the one I’d be celebrating today!

At the last minute I changed my mind about my costume and decided that I wouldn’t be a Dust Bunny. A few years ago I had my mind set on being something-or-other, gave up and purchased a cheap costume. I never wore that however, because I ended up finding something I liked even better. This year as I was digging through old costumes, I found the unused costume and decided to wear it. I never would have thought, but I actually liked it WAY better than the Dust Bunny one.

Every year we add a new decoration to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. This

year they put a mannequin in a vintage werewolf costume and propped him up on a stool. He has made all of us jump a little at one point or another over the past two weeks.

And of course, what Halloween would be complete without a traditional frightened black cat complete with “orb.”


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