Giraffe Hugs

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. For a while I thought it was in the top 3 but when I got super-giddy about this great Martha Stewart pumpkin carving project I found online (hopefully pictures to come!) it pretty much cemented itself as my favorite holiday.

Every year my family also goes to Goebbert’s Farm to pick out pumpkins. The Goebbert’s Farm in Barrington, IL has lots of family-fun activities, but our favorite is always the petting zoo. This year they had two giraffes when they usually only have one. Knowing little about giraffe behavior we had a hard time trying to determine if they two were leaning against each other for warmth, companionship or if they were trying to establish dominance. I personally am going to go with hugging because it’s WAY cuter.

This year I chose not to bring my camera but I couldn’t help but take a couple of pictures with my phone of some of my favorite petting zoo animals. I also wanted a picture taken of me

and my new donkey friend. Upon approaching his pen, I simply held out my arms and said, “Donkey!” like he was a long-lost friend. As if he missed me, Donkey wandered right up to me and let me pet him for a long while considering I’d offered him no food.

After choosing my pumpkin I also picked up a couple of little bags of candy corn which I’ll probably never finish. Should have stuck with just the one, they’re SO sweet!

This weekend is pumpkin carving. I’m a little nervous about my Goebbert’s pumpkin because while in line to buy it, I noticed a soft spot that I hope won’t rot out before Halloween…luckily I have that Martha Stewart project just in case!


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  1. I LOVE Goebbert’s!!! We were going to go this year, but it was too cold for the baby. Anyway, thanks for posting. I love reading your stories! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link! I figured it was a dominance thing. It’s nice to know “necking” is perfectly normal and rarely hurts either animal.

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