Marshall, Michigan

Dachshundpalooza was held in the small town of Marshall, Michigan. Once a candidate for state capital, even in Michigan’s rough economy the town is flourishing. Almost every store front is occupied and most of the ones that aren’t occupied have signs that say, “coming soon.”

Marshall became a town close to my family’s heart when my cousin Patrick married Britney who grew up there. Now they have a home of their own within walking distance of the downtown area with their dachshunds Borrachita and Grover.

My brother and I arrived on Friday evening and after a tour of the house and our things were put in the guest room we went to dinner. Copper Bar is a typical small restaurant/bar where when we ordered drinks my cousin’s ordered “the usual” and I ended up ordering the Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. I am FAR from a connoisseur of beer having only started to drink beer willingly in the last couple of years but this stuff was GOOD. The hint of raspberry was lovely and the ball jar it was served in made it that much more fun.

Saturday morning after an amazing breakfast prepared by Patrick (I had NO IDEA he could cook let alone SO good) we got ready to go into town for some shopping! Downtown Marshall is VERY close to their house and packed with cute gift shops, antique stores and a variety of other businesses. I saw many things I wanted to buy, but being “cheap” I focused on trying to find a small watering can for the small potted plants on my desk at work. I found a few with Britney’s help but it wasn’t unit she mentioned I could use a small teapot that I discovered the one I took home. It’s a single serve Graniteware teapot which apparently is collectible and has very few cosmetic defects.

Sunday after a quick breakfast, the four of us each with our own dog went for a walk. Aaron wanted to hit up a few geocaches including one at the little library in town so we walked around the neighborhood waiting for the library to open. Afterwards we went to lunch at Schuler’s which is SO famous in the area that there are signs for it even in Indiana!

When lunch was over (including a very fun hot fudge sundae to share!), I wanted to go back to my favorite shop The Mole Hole. Ever since I saw them on Saturday, I couldn’t stop thinking about this hand-made ceramic mug and necklace charm. This Handwarmer Mug is really neat. Instead of a traditional handle, the mug has a pocket of sorts that you slip your hand into. It was so pretty and unique that I had to have it! The charm was an impulse buy and the other side says, “Just Be.” I think everyone should keep those things in mind. Similar charms can also be found at the designer’s website.


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