Granny Stripe Blanket

I really should properly document ALL of my crochet projects. It would probably be good to know for future reference how much something cost to make, how much yarn I needed and how long it took me to make.

Those were my first thoughts (aside from OMG I love my new blanket!) in the 30 minutes after I finished my granny stripe blanket. According to my last crochet post, I’d mentioned having started on a new blanket on June 22, 2011. Having not written down an actual date anywhere I’m going to use that as my starting point which is probably pretty close to accurate. UPDATE just checked my bank account and it seems I purchased the yarn on June 17 making the first Monday after that (June 20) day one of my Granny Stripe Blanket! ANYway, it took me 3 months to complete and took 21 balls of Sugar & Cream yarn in assorted colors. Now I know all the information I didn’t know above. Feel free to forget the parts where I didn’t know stuff…

One tip I would give if you’re interested in making a Granny Stripe Blanket is to be sure to leave long tails when you switch colors and to weave them into the blanket as you go. I probably wouldn’t have loved my blanket as much at the end if I had to go back and weave in a billion ends! It was also super-easy and would probably work up faster if I spent more time on it!

Also! I found the pattern at the Caron website HERE It’s super fun and very easy. The border can be found HERE.


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  1. This blanket looks fabulous and is inspiring! The picture you posted is very flattering, too. Very nice work. 🙂

  2. It constantly is amazing to me just how Web owners such as yourself can find enough time along with the commitment to keep on Creating terrific discussions your site is excellent and one of my own need to read weblogs, I was more than amazed with the blog post Granny Stripe Blanket Amy Lee and Lucy I just needed to thank you and also congratulations Best wishes horny hot

    • Thank you! I spend my work days writing for others and by the end of the day I’m burnt out so I use this forum to give myself a good excuse to write for myself.

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