Amy: Former Bookseller

When I was in high school I got the best job EVER! I was a bookseller at my local Barnes & Noble. It was perfect for me because I LOVE books and the only drawback (aside from the 50-year-old co-worker hitting on me) was that most of my paycheck was spent within those walls.

Okay that was also a perk too!

Anyway, I stumbled across this webcomic the other day and it was like a trip down memory lane. It’s called Mike: Bookseller and I had to double check where the creator lived because I was positive he had to have come from the same bookstore where I worked. Apparently whether you’re in California or Illinois, all bookstores and bookstore shoppers are exactly the same!

This particular strip pretty much sums up an average work day for a bookseller including my favorite question, “Where are your books by Harry Potter?”


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