My Corporate Speak Nightmare

Will you people (and you know who you are) quit with the “corporate speak” already!? Having recently recovered and purged from our corporate dialogue the phrases “shore that up” and “to your point” we’ve recently replaced them with phrases like, “we should socialize on that” and “the people in that department are silos”

What do they mean? Who cares! Employees say they’re having trouble getting a clear understanding of their job roles and what’s required of them but managers are continually making up random phrases.

Here are some new corporate phrases recently invented by Christy that should be liberally sprinkled throughout the week at your corporate job, let’s see if anyone questions them!

“We need to run the cow around this piece, Bill.”

“Don’t forget to upchain the anchor, Bob.”

“The moat has been built, now we just need to clip the whiskers, Fred.”


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