Twilight Sweeps MTV Movie Awards

I like awards shows, maybe I’m the only one and therefore a crazy person. Maybe I like being bored (I’m not oblivious to how boring these things can get). Of all the awards shows, I know that the MTV Movie Awards matter the least, but they could at the very least PRETEND like they’re not selecting winners entirely based on their demographic. It’s nice to see that others on the interwebs agree with me.

Twilight Sweeps MTV Movie Awards: WTF – Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi.

I love the Twilight movies and have so far seen all of them and can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. I am however aware that it’s not quality film making and it insults my intelligence that when matched up against critically acclaimed, Black Swan, Inception and The Social Network that it would win an award for best movie.

Not on the list in the link above and by far the most important Bullsh*t award in my book was the “Jaw Dropping Scene” award. As they showed clips of jaw dropping moments, I agreed they were all equally qualified to win, then they showed a Never Say Never clip of what simply looked like Justin Bieber walking on a stage. I believe that clip won that award solely to provide an opportunity for Justin Bieber (who wasn’t supposed to be there that night) to walk onto the stage and surprise all the fan girls into a frenzy.

I have ZERO against Justin Bieber. He has a lot of talent and I’m not embarrassed to admit that, but seriously they couldn’t have chosen a LESS jaw dropping clip in my opinion.


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