Brookfield Zoo 2011

Well, the annual trip to the Brookfield Zoo has come and gone. I took Friday off work for my cousin Emily’s birthday which we spent at the zoo. We were all exhausted from the night before because SOMEBODY decided it would be a good idea to see the midnight showing of Pirates of theCaribbean4! Okay, it was me with the bright idea but two major coffees and a TON of caffeinated root beer and I was awake enough to enjoy it.

Every year I go to the zoo, it’s usually me, my cousin Emily and my brother Aaron and others go with us as their schedules allow. This year my cousin Jamie (Emily’s sister), her husband Joe and Emily’s boyfriend Adam went with us. As always I got a ton of pictures which I’ll post at the end.

Usually our trips to the zoo are pretty typical. We take the same routes, visit the same animals and sometimes are lucky enough to see something really cool. This year while watching the wolves we got the opportunity to see real unadulterated nature. An inexperienced juvenile bird flew low above a wolf’s head and was snatched out of the air and to the ground. We watched as another wolf came along and the two played with the bird, pawing and mouthing it. Eventually I was able to tear myself away from the train wreck and after a few more minutes of not watching, I saw a wolf trot off into a more protected area of the enclosure to nom his little snack…

Enough with the sad! On with the cute fuzzy animal pictures:


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