Origami Flowers

I was browsing Etsy.com the other day when I discovered this shop selling bouquets of origami flowers. They were beautiful and well done, but instead of buying some I decided that being somewhat proficient in origami that I could easily find instructions for the same flowers and build a bouquet myself.

Of course, finding the instructions was impossible. I found pictures of several that were similar, but the instructions were either too difficult or non-existent. So I took up the task of inventing instructions myself. After staring at the pictures from the Etsy shop for awhile and a stroke of genius I realized that the flower could probably be made by working the first few steps of the crane and modifying it from there.

When I finally perfected my model, I built several for a Valentine’s Day exchange in my office. I think they turned out lovely. I used floral wire for the stem and a fancy paperclip for the leaf.








I’ve never written an origami diagram before in my life but since I made up this flower based on a picture I wanted to write up a diagram so I wouldn’t forget. I hope it helps! Create a bird base and from there start with number 1 in my written diagram below:







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  2. Amy, it´s so beatiful, can you send me how can I do the flower, the diagram??? I´m crasy to find these… thak you. Gisele

    • Thanks for your feedback! I’ve made an update to my post and included the diagram. It’s my first try at a diagram, so I hope it helps!

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  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this instructions. I tried to fold some and found out that you can skip gluing in step 13, because when you pull the petals appart, the bottom stretches and it keeps everything in place.

    You can also be my friend at Ravelry if you wish: http://www.ravelry.com/people/Darja

    • You’re welcome! I found the flower on an Etsy shop and it was so pretty I had to figure out how to make it! Thanks!

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