I believe I have stumbled into my dream job. In high school when asked what my dream job was I could have never guessed without a Tardis or DeLorean time machine because Zuckerberg was in junior high school and the word blog hadn’t been invented yet.

Since social media is still in its infancy at company I work for there are so many things I have to research, tinker with and test. Currently I’m researching web-based blogging programs to house the president of this company’s blog. I believe that WordPress just might fit the bill, so I’ve set this blog up for two reasons.

1) I’ve been trying to pull together a blog of my own for years because I think it would be fun and help push me towards publishing an actual book (my lifelong dream)

2) I need a practice blog so I don’t look like an idiot in front of those who sign my paycheck or our customers

A lot of content is about to come this way. I have many posts across several blogs that I would like to share here and I hope to keep everything clean and organized for whoever stumbles upon this site.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Here’s Lucy! While many of the bloggers I read talk about their small children, I’ll be talking about my Papillion and her doggie friends!


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