How garbage helped me understand reality television

I hate reality television. Often shows that should be one season of programming one night a week are dragged out until ratings are at zero and the lives and careers of all involved are ruined.

Of course I’m guilty of enjoying the occasional reality show, (I’d like to meet someone who isn’t and ask them how they fill their daily lives with so much meaning!) I love Paranormal State, 19 Kids and Counting and True Beauty. These aren’t by any means good shows and I often find myself wondering why I’m watching them at all.

Then I stumbled upon this: NYCGarbage

It is literally garbage in a box. AND the artist Justin Gignac expects you to pay $50 a piece for each box (includes shipping) from his website! WHY would anyone do that you ask? Because Mr. Gignac believes that it’s art and whether you believe it or not he’s absolutely right.

In all actuality, both are technically garbage in a box. Some find art and merit in reality television while others find it in NYCGarbage.

Also, I would love to have one of these!


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